New One Piece Wano Flow Will Begin 1-2 Years Again!


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<h4> Official from Eiichiro Oda nih, the flow of Wano <em> One Piece </em> is about to begin 1-2 years! Fans Zoro and Law seem to be stoic! </h4>
<p> The Whole Cake Island groove in the manga was almost over. But then there began a movement that signaled the outbreak of the final battle on Cocoa Island. </p>
<p> Previously, <em> </em> predicted this new battle would be completed at least early 2018. The calculations were made on the fact that a month is usually <em> One Piece </em> one week off </p>
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But it is now revealed that early 2018 is an overly optimistic estimate.

Saturday yesterday in Japan Shueisha released photo collection Super Kabuki II One Piece Idai Naru Sekai as well as an information book. The book presents an interview between Oda with Ichikawa Ennosuke IV, actor Luffy on the stage of Kabuki theater.

Ichikawa confesses to Oda herself drawn to Wano's forthcoming flow. But Oda admits that the flow of Wano One Piece may only start in a year or two. So, if the calculation is true, you may just see the Kaido conflict in November 2018. Long too.

Oda's disclosure seems to confirm that Luffy will not just run away from Whole Cake Island. The battle of Cocoa Island could be so great that perhaps Sweet Commander Katakuri and Smoothie would fall out before Luffy turned to Kaido.

In addition, it feels the duration of the manga can be so strenuous as there will be many scenes of exciting action presented. Not surprisingly, since now all the remaining Big Mom kids are starting to mobilize, so are Luffy's allies.

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<p> But this might make Zoro fan, Usopp, Franky, Robin, and Law upset. The reason, these cool figures have not been seen in the manga since 2016. Now you also seem to have to wait until at least the end of 2018 can only see their appearance again. </p>
<p> So, how are these OPLovers? Can you (especially the fan of the character who now goes to Wano), be patient? What do you think about the Whole Cake Island groove that extends to 2018? Convey in the comment field! </p>
<p> <sub> Source: <em> Anime News Network </em> </sub> </p>
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