New Manga Masashi Kishimoto To Be Shown Jump Disabled!

After not long heard from the news, now the name of Masashi Kishimoto back again. The famous mangaka of his work entitled Naruto is now busy preparing his latest manga while overseeing the process of making Boruto strictly – which is arguably quite disappointing. Well, the good news is this new manga Masashi Kishimoto will be a serial!


Previously, it was planned that this new manga of Masashi Kishimoto would be one-shot -which consisted of a chapter straightforward. However, through Weekly Shonen Jump's chief editor Hiroyuki Nakano, it is confirmed that the new manga Masashi Kishimoto will later become a serialization. Nakano also said that now his manga is in the process of making the one-shot format into a serial format.

Like what is this new manga Masashi Kishimoto? In October 2015, Masashi Kishimoto confirmed that he was making a new manga with a science fiction theme. Then, in August 2016, he also said that research for the manga has been completed. Her own new manga shown in Jump Festa 2018 held last year:

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<p style= Unfortunately, as of this writing, it's still not information on synopsis and also when it's released-but it's fastest this year, haha! Nevertheless, looking at some of the layout pages above, it looks like the creator's new manga Naruto This will interest ya? Will this manga be as popular or even more popular than Naruto ? Well, we wait for the next news.

New manga Masashi Kishimoto will be released weekly in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. Are you interested in following a new manga made by one of these Shonen Jump frontman? Do not hesitate to voice your opinion in the comment field yes!

Source: Anime News Network

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