New Dragon Ball Movie To Be Released In 2018!


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Well, the new Dragon Ball movie will be released in 2018 and staying digadang going to be the best Dragon Ball movie ever made! What's the story like?

Dragon Ball became one of the most popular animanga series even today. His own new series, Dragon Ball Super is still continuing. Although the series still continues, but in 2018 there will be a new Dragon Ball released, you know!

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The new Dragon Ball itself was announced by Shueisha and Toei during the Jump Festa event held last week. Counting, this latest movie will be the 20th movie Dragon Ball ! Dragon Ball itself started in 1986. Although non-canon but many characters were introduced and became fan favorites, call it Broly and Cooler.

Well, the year 2013 and then become the latest movie Dragon Ball released after 17 years: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – earned revenue of 2.99 billion yen. In 2015, it was made Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection of "F" with revenues of 3.74 billion Yen.


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Likes Dragon Ball? You have to play this one game!

Due to the fantastic income that, according to Toei, finally made an anime series Dragon Ball Super . Shueisha and Toei also plan to make the [DragonBall this latest movie as Dragon Ball best. Just like the two previous films, the film will be released in 2018 will be developed by Akira Toriyama from script until the character design

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For his own story, this film will later tell about the origin of the power of Goku et al-more precisely the Saiya nation that became one of the strongest nations in the universe. There is no further information on the story, but it seems to be focusing on the Saiya nation's past and will also feature the first Super Saiyan God. Well, we wait for the next news.

The newest film Dragon Ball will be released in December 2018. Are you interested in watching this movie?

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