Net-juu no Susume, It's New Gamer Story!


 Net juu no Susume "Season before, we've watched <em> Gamers </em> <em>! </em>comedy drama story <em> gamers </em> everyday.For this season, there is another anime comedy drama that actually tells a <em> gamer </em>: <em> Net -uu no Susume </em>. </h4>
<p style= In this fall, there is an anime that tells of someone who has just been laid off and transformed himself into a NEET . The anime is titled Net-juu no Susume or in its written English Recovery of an MMO Junkie .


Net-juu no susume tells of a 30 year old single woman named Morioka Moriko who has just been laid off from her office.

The intention of the heart wants to play the game online his favorite return after a year and a half left, Nanter SG . But he just realized that his favorite game has closed the server. Finally he tried to play another popular MMORPG game.

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 When he found the popular <em> MMORPG </em> game at that time, <em> Fruits de Mer </em>he had to In this game, he plays the role of a male character named Hayashi, he immediately tries to run <em> the first dungeon </em>but always fails <em>. </em></p>
<p style= Until one day he met a female character named Lily who was a mage Hayashi with help and guide of Lily tried grinding to level 8, then defeated the first boss who always defeated Hayashi.

 Net juu no Susume "Skip to the next few days (or week, yes?) Until Hayashi has stepped on the high level." The time also passes until towards Christmas. wanted to give a Christmas present to Lily by giving a <em> rare drop </em> in the form of <em> Crystal Rose </em>so he often left Lily so his intention was not discovered. </p>
<p style= But it made anxious guild that Hayashi entered, namely @Home Party. Kanbe who is guild leader advises Hayashi to be casual to Lily. Hearing Hayashi's intention to give Christmas presents to Lily, Kanbe can only be silent and give one additional advice to Hayashi. "It is forbidden to fall in love in the game."

 Net juu no susume Hayashi's struggle to gain <em> Crystal Rose </em> actually fails until Christmas Eve can only give <em> a drop </em> in the form of a rose brooch, while Lily gave <em> items </em> for the modification of the weapon's appearance.But Lily was just jealous of Hayashi because the prize was a <em> drop </em> monster, while Lily earned her prize by purchasing it. </p>
<p style= You think it's a story Net-juu no Susume till episode two or three? You guys are wrong. It is still in the first episode. If you've been watching it would know even you guys until not realize that you watch 1 episode, you think it's been 1 hour, but not yet

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