Nendoroid Sakura Haruno Exhibited, Team 7 Complete Nendoroid Version!


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<h4> Nendoroid Sakura Haruno is shown, team 7 Nendoroid version is complete! </h4>
<p> Having previously announced the release of Itachi Uchiha Nendoroid, now the next Nendoroid of the Naruto <em> series </em> was also shown. No other and not the main female character of this series, Sakura Haruno. </p>
<p> Previously to you who do not know what is Nendoroid. Nendoroid is one of the toy lines made by Good Smile Company. This maina usually has a small form or <em> chibi </em>and is made with a much larger head size than the body to enhance the funny impression of this toy. </p>
<p> Nendoroid Sakura Haruno was first announced and shown at the China International Comic Festival 2017 (CICF 2017). The event that was held at Poly World Trade Center, Guangzou, China featured various kinds <em> figure </em> and one of them was Nendorodi Sakura Haruno. </p>
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If looking at the details and small accessories, Naruto has Rasenggan Shuriken, Sasuke no Chidori, Kakashi has Raikiri and a novel book Icha-Icha Paradise what about Sakura?

Kinda hard to remember Sakura in the series alone when hit no effect whatsoever. Perhaps the small detail is the green healing effect on Sakura's hand as she heals.

For background accessories such as the Naruto or Sasuke's Susano'o Kyuubi, Sakura may be able to get her alter ego- image when she gets angry and says "Shannaroo!"

What do you think? Are you looking forward to this Sakura Nendoroid? Do you expect any other Nendoroid from serial Naruto to be made? The author himself hopes Nendoroid Hinata Hyuga will be made.


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