Naruto's Secret, Why End in Chapter 710? Apparently There Is a Unique Fact Behind This Number!

Secret Naruto and the number 710? What is strange with that number being the end of chapter from the manga Naruto this?

Previously, we know the manga Naruto finished long ago, and now proceeds to his son's story, in manga and anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generation .


However, there is a unique and become Secret Naruto about the end of his manga. What is that? chapter 710? Instead of manga Naruto graduated in chapter 700?

It's true, but let's keep that in mind, the last storyline in the manga Naruto is done in pretty numbers, which is exactly 700, however, it does not mean manga Naruto when it ended and did not continue again.

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<p> After the <em> chapter </em> 699 finished with the victory of the Shinobi alliance from their enemy, Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Otsutsuki, we see <em> omake </em> or additional <em> chapter </em> 700 <em> </em> This is when Naruto and Hinata are married, they have two children, Boruto and Himawari. </p>
<p> In <em> chapter </em> 700, we also see boruto that has grown and entered the Academy. Well, that's the end of the last story line, however, it still exists <em> Naruto Gaiden </em> who continues it </p>
<p> Naruto Gaiden </em> has 10 additional <em> chapter </em>and if calculated from 701, to 710, meaning literally, the manga <em> Naruto </em> graduated in <em> chapter </em> 710. </p>
<p> Then the secret <em> Naruto </em> what is it? Eits, wait a minute, this secret can be solved using Goroawase technique. What is Goroawase technique? Allow authors to discuss a bit. </p>
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