Naruto versus Luffy! Two Shonen Jump! Who Will Win?

After the previous week, the Fri September section discusses the fight between Saitama versus Batman that you can read here, this week, we will try to pit two Shonen Jump fronts, ie Naruto versus Luffy from anime and manga Naruto and One Piece ! What will this fight look like?


About Both Characters

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<p> Looks like it does not need to be explained at length, yes. You all must have recognized the two characters we will discuss this week. Naruto who is present here is Naruto Uzumaki who has become the Seventh Hokage, complete with his ability to control Chakra's great Kurama. </p>
<p> What about Luffy? Of course to keep up with Naruto, Luffy here is the Straw Hat captain who has been practicing for 2 years, and certainly, when he has mastered the ability of Gear 4 Boundman. Both are in their best condition to date their manga story goes. </p>
<p> As <em> trivia </em>maybe we can discuss a little strength from each fighter. Naruto in the Kyuubi Chakra mode is like wearing an orange robe with a similar colored aura that blazes like a blazing fire. </p>
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Like other Jinchuriki modes, when Naruto enters into this form, his attack and defense power increases dramatically. In the case of Naruto, his speed also increased sharply, even able to avoid the famous Raikage attacks with agility.

There are other abilities such as Kurama's hand that can help him in battle and make Rasengan without raising Bunshin. In addition, when entering in the Jinchuriki Kyuubi mode, Naruto will bring up the giant Chakra that forms the body of Kurama, and can fire a very strong Bijudama!

On the other hand, Monkey D. Luffy also can not be underestimated. Gear 4 Boundman is Luffy's strongest form for now. If Naruto in Kurama Chakra mode has a type of fighter who uses the technique, then Luffy in the form of Gear 4 is a pure physical fighter.

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<p> Luffy will activate Busoshoku Haki to his wrist, then he blows his hands like he wants to make Gear 3, the difference is he is not raising a particular limb. In Gear 4, Luffy makes his body into a big muscular build (but the legs remain small, as this is the style of Eichiro Oda). </p>
<p> His hands became bigger and stronger as armed by Busoshoku Haki. At the chest, appears the motif of the Busoshoku Haki that resembles Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit motif. No need to ask how strong Luffy is in this mode. His fist is very powerful, equipped with his flagship techniques that <em> upgrades </em> such as Kong Gun, Leo Bazoka, and King Kong Gun. </p>
<p> Luffy can also fly in the air, using a concept similar to a Sanji-like Sky Walk, that he blows air with his own foot (which resembles a jet pusher). Luffy also controls Haki Raja, or Haoshoku Haki. </p>
<h4> <strong> On the front page, the two will meet and fight! What kind of bout Naruto versus Luffy? Check out the next page! </strong> </h4>
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