Naruto Headbands Save American Men from Attack of Shaken Thugs


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<h4> Naruto's headband can actually be used as a weapon and a protector. This American man proved it when he fought back the robbery! </h4>
<p> Maybe you're wondering: How crazy is this American Navers this one until he's carrying Naruto's headband while on the go? Apparently this guy, Anthony Durden, was attacked on his way home from the New York Comic Con show. </p>
<p> Suddenly, while riding the train home early, Anthony was attacked by a crazy man. Without first threatening or warning, this man immediately slashed Anthony with a knife. This sudden attack also managed to hurt Anthony's face. </p>
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Anthony then strikes back by beating the head of the knife holder. Remarkably, Anthony used Naruto's headband, which he was holding at the time of the incident, to defend himself.

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Durden's counterattack succeeds to intimidate the offender. After the train stopped, it was reported that the perpetrator decided to run.

Durden himself suffered a severe bleeding. Just look at the picture above, the attack the offender managed to carve a very long wound. It took twenty stitches to cover this scratch from one end to the other.

Remarkably, Durden admits he has forgiven the culprit. It seems that he follows the path ninja Naruto, who is always able to forgive those who realize his mistake.

Until this article was written, the perpetrators of the attack against Durden have not been caught.

The incident experienced by Anthony Durden confirms one thing: the headband that the ninja used in Naruto is obviously not just a cool accessory. The metal surface in its center can be used as protection or, when held, becomes an emergency weapon. As Durden did to his assailants.

It would be interesting that this event inspired manga and anime writers Boruto to show the situation where the shinobi headband was used as an emergency self-defense tool.

So, what are the views of the Navers? Did this Anthony Durden experience inspire you to bring Naruto's headbands too, just in case of emergency? Or will you use other ninja techniques from this popular anime and manga? Convey in the comment field!



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