Naruto Destroys Byakuya's Gang Plan!

As usual, the Boruto episode 46 contains spoiler . If you're actually still looking for an episode, you get into the wrong article. Especially if you're anti-leaked.

Continue where can you watch? Crunchyroll is one of the legal options. If you use paid services, you can watch as quickly as possible with high visual quality and without worrying about wild ads.

If you want to be patient you can watch this episode for free there, even though you have to wait for it

It's been watching or do not mind leaks? Then please read the discussion Boruto episode 46 below!



Apparently Hanabi Hyuga Became Team Captain Sumire!

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<p align= See the picture above. Lots of familiar faces, right? Even the rare Kiba Inuzuka appears.

But look carefully at the sequence of genins. Konohamaru is definitely the leader of Team 7. It has been revealed before that Moegi Kazamatsuri in the manga is the leader of the Ino-Shika-Cho team, while Udon is the Iwabe team leader.


[1945903] Well, Boruto episode 46 surprises that the Sumire team turned out to have a surprising leader: Hanabi Uchiha, sister of Hinata!

As the lady of the Hyuga family, Hanabi is seen to have the freedom of dressing. He does not use a uniform on duty like Moegi and Konohamaru, but a kimono that he used to use. Unique as well.

Hanabi captain of the Sumire team may also signal that Sumire, Wasabi, and Namida will have a different life path with the manga. For the uninitiated, the Sumire manga decided not to take the chunin exam and focus on being Katasuke's lab assistant.


Shikamaru (and Chocho) Successfully Read Byakuya Gang's Plan

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<p align= Sometimes it's unwise to run your strategy according to the tactics you used against your enemies. It was a mistake by Gaku Byakuya in Boruto episode 46.

Shikamaru is already familiar with the movements of the demonstrators, who in this episode rioted in front of the Kaminarimon company. But once Chocho says how similar the formation is to the shogi, Shikamaru immediately knows what's going on.

Clearly, the big demonstrations caused by the Byakuya Gang are only distractions. Their true plan is to attack Katasuke's Laboratory to target the ninjutsu data that the scientist possesses.

The Ino-Shika-Cho team became the first to anticipate the Byakuya Gang in Katasuke Lab. Then Boruto, as the main character, happened to see Shikadai and follow his steps.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 46 can you check on the second page!

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