Musical Stage Play Touken Ranbu Releasing Visuals For December 2017!

 Musical Stage Play Touken Ranbu "title =" df3d103b36c24c089ffac08258af2a81 – Musical Stage Play Touken Ranbu Releasing Visuals For December 2017!

Official site of Touken Ranbu musical releases a major visual which certainly makes fresh eyes! This visual is released for Shinken Ranbu Sai 2017 which will take place on 8-9 December 2017 in Tokyo, 12-13 December in Osaka, 19-20 in Saitama and 23-24 December in Ghuangzou, China.

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<p> Shinken Ranbu Sai 2017 is a separate musical series with Touken Ranbu Tsuhamono Domo ga Yume no Ato (the fourth series), so friends who have not seen the previous series, can really for those who have not watched the previous series ~ </p>
<p> Keep going, there will be advanced animenya guns? Mimin really love the anime Touken Ranbu! What about the nakama tachi? </p>
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