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<h4 style= Do you realize that Dark Magician Girl is one of the YuGiOh cards that has been subjected to multiple sensors? Here is the fact of Dark Magician Girl, best waifu in the YuGiOh series!

If you like the YuGiOh or TCG series, you must know the Dark Magician Girl. The card and also the character of a mahou shoujo blond nan sweet became one of Yugi's mainstay cards in the series. That, coupled with his lewd sexy appearance, made the Dark Magician Girl so popular.

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However, do you know that the card as well as this character has many unique facts? Like for example, he has a 'human' version in the YuGiOh serial . Then, do you know if this card is one of the most sensed card? Here is the fact of Dark Magician Girl in the series YuGiOh :


One of the Most Sensor Cards

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<figcaption class= 3rd Dark Magician Girl Card Left is the original version while the right is the international version.

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