Most Irritating Fighter in Tournament of Power Crashed


Of course, the annoying character that the author is referring to is not Android 18. Find out more about this [DragonBallSuper 117 117

But beforehand: Dragon Ball Super 117 below clearly contained spoiler . So if you have not watched and anti the same name leaked, you actually go into the wrong article. It is recommended that you do not read further.

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Vegeta Trying Ultra Instinct

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<p> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 117 <em> </em> instantly opened with interest. In the episode yesterday, it was revealed that Vegeta has understood the basis behind Ultra Instinct. He immediately tried to activate the technique in the show this time. </p>
<p> The result? Failed miserably. When Vegeta empties his mind, his body does not respond when beaten by his enemy. Fortunately the physical strength of his enemy this time was not even enough to give him serious injuries. </p>
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Eventually, Vegeta was forced to stop trying to access Ultra Instinct and then beat his enemy in the usual way.

According to the author, Vegeta tried to access Ultra Instinct the wrong way. Perhaps you have read the discussion before, about the possibility of Ultra Instinct Vegeta will be more focused to attack.

Vegeta is more aggressive than Goku. Therefore, perhaps Vegeta should not try to react to the enemy as Goku did, but rather let his body move on its own as it strikes.

Let's see what before the Tournament of Power ends Vegeta will try again using Ultra Instinct. For now it's still much better body condition than Goku.


Co-operative Two Android

The relationship of Android 17 and Android 18 ahead of the Tournament of Power still seems cold. Especially from the side of Android 18. Since the first meeting alone android this one as directly threaten his former partner in the era of Cell Saga. Throughout the tournament they are also more often act independently.

In Dragon Ball Super 117, both got a moment to sit still. Android 17 successfully overcome the problem in the ankle Android 18. Both had time to talk casually, until Android 17 and Android 18 saw the movement of Universe 2 to approach the injured Goku.

Starting from this moment, both Android are also working with solid.

17 and 18 both came to rescue Goku. 17 facing Rozie while 18 confronted with Ribrianne.

Rozie and Ribrianne are probably the strongest fighters left from Universe 2. However once they have to deal with Android couples who have got on this, they too have trouble. 17 and 18 are able to work together steadily even without verbal communication. Finally Ribrianne was hit by Rozie's attack, then Rozie hit by Ribrianne attack.

In the end, the traps of 17 and 18 in the Dragon Ball Super 117 were even able to eliminate Rozie and make Ribrianne lose his power.

Since this Android duo is getting along again, will they really be given Poting earrings by Supreme Kai? That possibility seems even greater.

The problem is, are they able to survive episode Dragon Ball Super 117 this without being eliminated?

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