More Sure? This 5 Bounty Factors Luffy Can Ride After Whole Cake Island

If survived from Whole Cake Island, Luffy's bounty could be up. But what causes Luffy's bounty to rise? How much will Luffy bounty increase later?

Luffy with Nami, Tony Chopper, and Brook, performs Sanji's rescue mission assisted by Pedro, Carrot, and Jinbe who later devote themselves to Strawhat Pirate. In the midst of the adventure, they are involved in a Fire Tank Pirate conspiracy that wants to defect at the Charlotte Family. Surely this made their plans evolve from infiltration missions into a frontal assault mission at the Charlotte Family. What they initially could be finished off by a yonkou, did an all-out resistance.

Logically, if Luffy defeats the Shichibukai only his bounty rises, or when against the World Government he gets a new poster, then when the resistance against Yonko certainly he will increasingly attract attention and the world increasingly watch out for Luffy and friend So it's not strange if Luffy's price will rise after this Whole Cake Island.

But what will the world government consider to re-raise Luffy's fugitive price? And what about the increase? For your information, Luffy's current bounty is 500 million Belly. Surely the action Luffy on Whole Cake Island this can increase its value. Anything that can affect it?

Earlier: these reasons could be spoiler for those who only watch anime. Be careful!


Luffy has challenged Big Mom since the incident at Fishman Island. But the challenge is still a joke because there is no evidence to show Luffy's courage. Until finally Big Mom himself disturbing Straw Hat Pirate with Vinsmoke Sanji wedding plans with Charlotte Pudding. Not even the Big Mom's stomach from the beginning wants to kill Sanji as part of his plan to take over the technology of Germa 66.


Diusik in such a way, Luffy instead do resistance with Sanji rescue mission. Even this plan grew with the attempted murder of Big Mom who was a conspiracy of Capone Bege.

This shows Luffy not kidding in challenging Big Mom, even he is doing frontal opposition with only half the members. Surely this attitude can attract the attention of the world.



Luffy recruits a former Shichibukai



 Jinbei One Piece 830 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p> Luffy seems to have his own talent towards the Shichibukai. He once defeated three Shichibukai namely Crocodile, Gekko Moriah, and Donquixote Doflamingo. He is also allied with Trafalgar D. Water Law, even making Boa Hancock fall in love with him. But this time it's not a gig, because he hired a Shichibukai to be his crew! </p>
<p> Jinbei had indeed been subject to Big Mom, who was a yonkou. But this is a fairness considering Big Mom has great power and power. But Luffy's whereabouts made him change his mind, and now he plans to join Luffy too. </p>
<p> Given that the Shichibukai have an agreement with the world government, this kind of news sooner or later will be heard. An ordinary pirate fleet that can recruit a Shichibukai, is certainly not an ordinary case. </p>
<p> <strong> Continued reasons for the ascension <em> bounty </em> Luffy can you check on the second page! </strong> </p>
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