More Suitable So Criminals ?! It's the Pull of Eren After Time Skip!


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<h4> Yes, <em> Attack on Titan </em> exists <em> time skip </em>. Eren's character was developed so … unique. Here is a discussion of the characteristics of Eren after <em> time skip </em>! </h4>
<p align= When will Eren's groove after time skip be adapted to anime? If you look from an anime promo material season 3 it seems that this new Marley-Eldia groove will be presented in animated form season 4. It's still very long indeed.

Therefore, if you feel you have not followed the manga up to the latest flow, it is recommended to think about it before continuing to read. It is clear that this discussion will contain many spoilers .

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For those who have already followed his manga, or do not mind spoiler please read Eren's discussion after time skip below!


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<p align= After successfully defeating the Titan Shifter from Marley, the Paradis Island people successfully mastered their island entirely. Recon Corps, which has been fully supported by Queen Historia Reiss, managed to finish off the remaining Titans. Armin can even fulfill his dream to see the sea.

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But their problem is not finished there. Eren already noticed that. He realizes that the main cause of their suffering is people outside the island, especially the Marleys who routinely throw Titan into the island.

The author was worried that Hajime Isayama would work on Eren as a vengeful figure who was still naïve, so he caused great destruction for innocent people. But it was not.

Cold, Mature, and Dangerous

In Attack on Titan 100, Eren reveals he has long spent time in Marley. He lived with those he considered enemies, ate with them, and even chatted with them.

Now he understands what makes Reiner, Annie, and Bertolt ruin his childhood. He can even quietly chat with Reiner. Eren before time skip would have attacked Reiner with semberono from the first time he saw it.

Eren also understands that people in Marley are similar to those in Paradis. There is evil, there is good. Even so, they are basically human beings, just like him.

But as he shows at the end Attack on Titan 100, Eren still decides to move forward, though he already knows all of it.

This makes Eren a much more dangerous threat to Marley. If Eren is just a naïve young man controlled by anger, he can waver just because he sees Marley's people as human beings as he is. It even happened to Reiner, who began to shake as soon as he realized the Paradis were not devils.

Not really. When Eren decides to go on the offensive – and seems to kill – Willy Tybur, she already realizes what her enemy is like. Nevertheless he decided to carry out his plan.

Seeing his serenity, Eren feels already aware of what will happen. By killing Willy Tybur in the Eldia settlement, he will only make the Eldia at Marley – perhaps even the world – increasingly hated and feared. All of the world's delegates present at the event could have remained united in attacking Paradis, even though Willy was killed.

Still, Eren does not care. To him, they were all enemies to deal with in order for the Paradis to be at peace. Therefore, Eren after time skip this may be felt as a criminal. Especially after long time readers see the world through the eyes of Reiner Braun, who is now very sympathetic despite his many sins.

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