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No games No Life Zero will make you rethink to watch the movie because it spiced a lot fanservice .

No Game, No Life is an anime series that is popular among animanga lovers and becomes a very hype series in 2014. One cause of such popularity is certainly the theme, character and the story that captures the attention of the animanga lovers and hopes to be as cool as the main character, Sora and Shiro, who can conquer the world by playing games even though in reality they are creatures hikikomori who never associate with the outside world at all and stuck in a real fantasy world-just there.

Plus this series has a lot of fanservice which is not really important and disturbs the story, but the animanga lovers love the poppy from Shiro so it's not a big deal should be.

The effect of this series is so great among animanga lovers. Suddenly many are wearing T-shirts worn by Sora and hope they can become the game's king. When the animated series ends all the animanga lovers go out of their way to watch when the second season of the anime series that uses too much pastel color makes the eyes quite painful to see it.

To answer the thirst of the lovers No Game, No Life the Kadokawa party as the copyright holder of this series gave a thirsty film of fans fans of this series titled No Game, No Life Zero which was released in Japan on September 9, 2017 and newly released on October 25, 2017. Let's listen to the review No Game No Life Zero :


No Game, No Life Zero tells the story of a world that is all determined by a game called Disboard and the story begins before the events in the serial No Game No Life . The story centers on a character named Riku who escaped from a great battle that took place to win the title of "One True God" and rule the world. Although man faces extinction due to war his heart still believes in tomorrow.

One day, as he passes through an abandoned city of Elves, he meets a female machine called Shuvi. Shuvi is said to have been damaged and banished from his group. Throughout the story, Riku and Shuvi try to find out what the true meaning of human hearts and feelings is.

Good story at the beginning … ..

In the early minutes, No Game, No Life Zero has an interesting and exciting story premise for further viewing. The story begins with Riku who has lost many of his friends due to the great wars between different races and is able to evoke audience emotions with the dramatic look and music presented.

The theme survivalism continues to be indulged in the early minutes of the anime as if indicating that this time No Game, No Life Zero is a serious anime and is not kidding in showing a tragic sense due to the great war. Everything went very normal and there is no impression that this anime will fall apart.

Until he meets a robot loli named Shuvi.

… .but increasingly falling apart at the end

Riku's meeting with Shuvi becomes the turning point of this anime and destroys all the warnings that have been told at the beginning. When Riku meets the robot loli all the epic images seem to be dispersed in an instant and replaced with fanservice which is unimportant and very disturbing.

As soon as the story progresses the spice fanservice is getting more and more. All clichés of light novels aimed at otaku that assume that isekai and fanservice are obliged to appear to make the story progressively demonstrated repeatedly and repeatedly.

What's up with the story and fanservice from this movie thus damaging the quality of the movie? See review No Game No Life Zero on the next page!


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