More Dizzy! Who is the Real Enemy of Boruto?

The farther the story Boruto, the more emerging parties who desire the mysterious power it receives from Momoshiki Otsutsuki!

Obviously, the story of this character's lunge has now entered a crucial point through Boruto Uzumaki's first encounter with a suspected figure of Kawaki! However, the conflict within Boruto would save a deeper problem than merely meeting threats for the sake of Konohagakure's threat!


With the development of such a story, it is of course questionable why the time of peace that Kakashi and Naruto have kept suddenly collapsed by forces from outside the power of the Five Kage? What is the real cause that makes such a ninja world will collapse again?

For reasons that are not merely technological advances, there are certainly real masterminds that Konohagakure village will face! Check out his guesses on the next page!

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