Mitsuki Opponents Shinki! Will Mitsuki Wear Sage Mode?

Synopsis Boruto episode 60 highlights the duel of Araya's opponent Sarada. But apparently not only that exciting battle to be presented.

Preview Boruto episode 60 shows also a battle between Shinki and Mitsuki, the last duel of the second round of the third round of the chunin exam. After this, the chunin exam enters the final phase.

More details, see discussion preview below.

Synopsis Boruto episode 60 already mentions that Sarada will fight Araya in episode 60. However preview gives additional other interesting details.

Preview mentions that a surprise attack is useless to Araya. He is also immune to genjutsu. He is suspected not to be human.

Apparently, the key to Araya's power is the mysterious mask he always wore.

The author does feel in the end that Sarada will escape. Although Boruto has a cheat cheek even if he will not win when beaten at once by a dangerous duo from Sunagakure.

Even so, Araya will not be knocked out without a fight. Sarada could be hurt and tired when stepping into the final.

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<p> Well here it is. The most exciting duel of the second round of the three-round chunin exam. </p>
<p> Shinki is a genius who is able to overcome all of Cho-Cho's strongest attacks without getting hurt in the least. </p>
<p> On the other hand, there is Mitsuki. Since it first appeared, Mitsuki always withhold its power. He only once exerted his maximum strength once, as he fought Shino Aburame in a one-on-one duel. </p>
<p> Interestingly, now Mitsuki will fight against anyone who can keep up with him even when Mitsuki <em> full power </em>. The problem is, just now Mitsuki can not use full power. In addition to being urged not to do so by Orochimaru, using senjutsu in the chunin exam will make the contestant disqualified. This is the reason Naruto lost to Konohamaru first. </p>
<p> Will minimally Mitsuki be able to make Shinki blisters? We'll see. </p>
<p> Predicted writer anyway, Shinki will force Mitsuki to use senjutsu. Mitsuki also lost because disqualified. </p>
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Boruto episode 59 successfully presents two duel with exclamation and emotional. This format seems to be still used in the next episode see preview Boruto episode 60.

Uniquely, with the duration of the fight only half the episode, this battle actually feels more effective and not too stalled. Watching it tastes good.

How did you predict the matter Boruto episode 60 later? Convey in the comment field!

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