Missed? These Tips for Watching Anime Series Boruto!

The first time it began, the anime series Boruto was unmitigated in testing patience.

In the first 50 episodes, Naruto Uzumaki used to be past heavy obstacles. Including facing Zabuza and Haku. Meanwhile, Boruto actually mostly relaxed or faced the enemy that was crummy.

But once the chūnin exam of Boruto begins, suddenly this one anime so nice to watch. Actually this story line has been presented in movie before. But the addition of such new genin involvement, twist from round three chunin exams, even flashbacks of Shinki, makes this anime seem to have anime "Naruto

Are you among those who have given up watching the anime series Boruto but now it's so curious to continue watching? Or maybe you just wanted to watch anime Boruto, but intimidated the same number of episodes that have reached 60? Quiet. Actually there is an easy solution to this affair.

Watch Boruto Episode 50, Let You Never Need to Watch the Old Episode

First of all, you do not have to watch episodes 1 through 49 in a row. (Unless you are so diligent and want to follow everything without missing a single detail). All you have to do if you are a new audience, or a new audience will watch again after a long absence, you just have to watch Boruto episode 50.

For the faithful following the series Boruto Boruto episode 50 is indeed a stumble. This episode only filled the jonin chatting together, with the addition of Shino Aburame. Their chats then became flashbacks.

But come to think of it, all the flashbacks from Boruto episode 50 makes you no need to watch the 49 episodes before. Konohamaru, Shino, Moegi, Udon, and finally Hanabi have helped explain what events to remember from the 49 episodes of the past.

When viewed now, episodes 1 to 49 this also just feels as an introduction anyway. The important thing is yes only the Ghost plot, the first storyline Boruto which also gives clues about Jougan, Boruto's mysterious eye. The plot after that until the chunin exam can be skip .

After that, starting from episode 51 anime series Boruto step on the gas so exciting to be enjoyed. Starting from the sudden appearance of Zetsu White whose form is abnormal, followed by the arrival of the Otsutsuki clan and chunin exam.

Another solution? It's easy, you can read the first episode Boruto from Duniaku.net. Keep on, if you see this episode as interesting, you can go on watching it yourself.

That's the tips on watching the anime series Boruto for those of you who just want to watch or feel left out because it used to be bored.

Now, the chunin test run is getting hotter. So maybe you should have Navers obliged to observe the progress of this one series.

If you think how ya? Convey in the comment field!

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