Minor Changes in Ending Song Boruto Episode 24: Sarada and His Little Family


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<h4> <em> Ending song </em> <em> Boruto </em> episode 24 featuring something new from the little family of Sarada. </h4>
<p> What is different from <em> ending song </em> in <em> Boruto </em> 24th episode? Music may still be the same, yes "Sayonara Moon Town" sung by Scenario Art. But it was not the music that changed, but <em> visual </em> or how it looks. </p>
<p> This view is the third change, having previously featured on the Sumire (and the scene pieces of the animated series), then the second </em> visual </em> is about to enter the Sarada Uchiha story, which describes Sarada's struggle to find his father , as well as the figure of Shin Uchiha. Well this latest is a continuation of the second. </p>
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Seems, the song "Sayonara Moon Town" is still to be used during the interlude story or filler still continues. As the story enters the serious or main story, the possibility of ending and opening song will change into a new one.

Well, what do you think about this happy ending song ? Especially for those of you who love the couple and small family Uchiha. Write a review on this page visual ending song Boruto this latest in the comment field yes.


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