Meizu Unleashes One Piece Special Edition Smartphone


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<h4> This Chinese manufacturer of HP made a smartphone that spoiled fans <em> One Piece </em> </h4>
<p> After introducing the <em> newest smartphone called the M6 ​​Note, this time the Chinese electronics company Meizu issued <em> </em> special smartphone for fans <em> manga </em> made by Eiichiro Oda named <em> One Piece </em>. </p>
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Meizu unleashed smartphone special edition One Piece for smartphone latest M6 Note. This Smartphone has a blackish red color on the back with a yellow line at the bottom. At the bottom there is the legendary logo of the Straw Hat Pirates or the Straw Hat Pirates. The front of this smartphone is black.

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<p> <em> This smartphone also features a UI with themes <em> One Piece </em> such as <em> wallpapers, icons, </em> and <em> widgets </em>. In addition, if you buy <em> smartphone </em> you will get various bonuses like <em> One Piece special packaging </em> which describes Straw Hat Pirates crew plus <em> protective case, </em> red wires and head plugs pictorial logo this serial. </p>
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