Meeting Boruto with Shizuma Hoshigaki


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<h4> In <em> Boruto </em> episode 25, the students of Konoha's academy picnic to Kirigakure. But there seems to be a dangerous party waiting for them there. </h4>
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Discussion Boruto this 25th episode contains spoiler . So who has not had time to watch the episode is expected to be careful.

If you are already watching and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or just looking for leaks, please continue.



Sumire Returned Speaking

Sumire Kakei unexpectedly became quite popular after the groove Ghost . Not surprisingly, because it is now revealed that behind the nature of the shooter Sumire save the tragic past, the ability to fight almost as close as Mitsuki, and ties to Nue.

But Sumire is doomed to have no important role in the big plot Boruto next, namely Kinshiki and Momoshiki. In addition, since the end of the Ghost the Sumire has not even been given a chance to speak. He can still be found in the background. Including in the last episode, where she noticed the shouting of Sarada and Boruto. But his role seemed to have ended.

Fan Sumire may be delighted in this episode, as the class president can be heard again speaking. He even interacted with Sarada and Chocho.

Now let's see if Sumire Kakei will again show his fighting ability in this groove.


Iwabe Troubled with Kirigakure?

Kirigakure and Konohagakure have a bloody history. However with Chojuro as Mizukage and Naruto as Hokage, Left and Konoha are both able to step into a more peaceful and bright future. Even Naruto seems to be planning an outing of this academy class to show the new generation if there is no more conflict between Konoha and Left.

Boruto and his friends, who never seem to feel conflict with Kirigakure, are happy. But there is one member of their class who since the announcement looks serious: he is Iwabe.

Apparently Iwabe or his parents have a problem with Kirigakure. But the problem has not been revealed in Boruto this 25th episode.

Can you guess why Iwabe was so suspicious of Kirigakure?

Certainly not only that interesting from Borhor episode 25. You can read the rest of the discussion on the second page!


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