Manga Dragon Ball Super Cover Plot Hole in its Anime!




Do you realy lose some plot hole from anime Dragon Ball Super ? Well, the manga Dragon Ball Super is trying to cover plot hole !

It's not been a secret anymore that the anime and manga Dragon Ball Super differs quite a distance. In the anime itself, found some plot holes or the missing part in the story: does the Dragon Ball Super come crashing alongside Universe 6? And how can No. 17 got to know Goku when they first met in Dragon Ball Super ? Well, the manga Dragon Ball Super attempted to cover plot hole .


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Did the Super Dragon Ball come crashing along with Universe 6?

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<p style= In the anime, Universe 6 has just been destroyed after all its fighters are eliminated in the Tournament. Well, many fans are wondering and assume that the Super Dragon Ball that is in Universe 6 is destroyed together with Universe 6. That way, many think that other Universe is really destroyed.


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This assumption itself arises because in the anime it is not explained where the Super Dragon Ball is-and its nature is in Universe 6. Well, in the manga Dragon Ball Super it is told that the Dragon Ball Super is in Universe 6 requested by Grand Priest. So, later in the tournament (in the manga version), all the existing Dragon Ball Super are safe from destruction.

This alone is not described in the anime version. And, who knows, if the anime version of this secret to create tension for you who watch it?

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