Manga Comedy About Yakuza Adopting Esper Girl "Hinamatsuri" Will Be Adapted Into Anime!


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<h4> Maybe this manga series is not very famous, but for those of you who love anime comedy with "sadistic" humor, then Hinamatsuri suits you! </h4>
<p> Uh, oh, how come I promote <em> Hinamatsuri </em> this? Umm, for those of you who do not know about manga <em> Hinamatsuri </em>this series is a manga made by Masao Ohtake that tells about Yakuza named Yoshifumi Nitta who at one time comes a little girl from another world / future named Hina. Well, it turns out that this Hina is an esper who has the power of telekinesis and also the explosion. Nitta who originally used Hina as a tool to help her in the Yakuza world gradually unconsciously acted as a foster father for him. </p>
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<p> Well, <em> Hinamatsuri </em> himself was recently rumored to be getting an anime adaptation. Animenya itself will be aired in the spring of 2018. </p>
<p> As I mentioned above, <em> Hinamatsuri </em> this will present a comedy with humor that is quite "sadistic" -in terms not to be bleeding, but really <em> out of the box </em>. In a way, this manga has a comedy that is almost similar to <em> One Punch Man </em>for destroying the cliché scenes that usually exist in comedy stories <em> slice of life </em> shounen </em> . So, if you like manga or comedy anime, then <em> Hinamatsuri </em> will be a suitable title for you. </p>
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<figcaption class= Even you will also find a bit of romance in this series. (Though the edges also end in comedy)

Of course, Hinamatsuri is not just about comedy, there are times where the story becomes serious and gives you feels which is deep enough even though it is a comedy manga. has many unique characters that will make an impression on the heart.

This Masao Ohtake Manga has now been authorized by Kadokawa since 2010 and has now been released tankobon as many as 12 volumes.

Anime Hinamatsuri will be released in the spring of 2018. Are you interested to watch Nitta and Hina's daily adventures in the Yakuza world in the anime version? Say your opinion in the comment field yes!

Source: Comic Natalie (via Anime News Network)


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