Man and Ghoul Cooperate!


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<h4> Can man and Ghoul work equally well to defeat Kaneki? Consider the discussion <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> <em> chapter </em> 150 following. </h4>
<p> The continuation of the manga story <em> Tokyo Ghoul: Re </em> Sui Ishida's writings are still spinning on the same thing, which is about Kaneki Ken, the leader of the Goat organization that turned into Dragon, the Giant Ghoul that eventually screwed up in Tokyo. </p>
<p> In <em> chapter </em> earlier, we are shown the viewpoint of the Ghouls at the Goat organization led by Kaneki. They are also still puzzled over how to save Kaneki in <em> chapter </em>. Until finally came the crazy idea to dig the body of the monster until it found Kaneki's position was </p>
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Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 150 is still related chapter before, but this time the point of view originally switched to CCG dignitaries who had begun to find a bright spot in the case.

According to assistant from Akihiro Kanou, there is one way they can do to defeat the monster. Simply put, they must seek the original body of Kaneki, which the body must be hidden between the giant Kagune.


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Due to being too dangerous, like looking for an ant in the desert, Kanou's assistant also provides another option. Do not have to kill him, just wait for him to death. However, it took 200 years until the Kaneki monster died naturally. Of course there was no time for 200 years, Marve would have to look for ants in the desert.

Directly, CCG has the same idea as Goat, which is "digging" and searching for Kaneki's body. The difference is, Goat wants to save, while CCG obviously wants to kill Kaneki who has damaged Tokyo.

Suddenly, Marude is told of a problem. Marude went straight to the source of trouble, the entrance to the CCG headquarters. Apparently in front of the entrance, there have been many Ghouls.

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<p> Everything goes awry, Marude also can not understand what this Ghoul is doing, enter the enemy headquarters through the front door. Before Marude ordered everything to confront this Ghoul, it turned out that Ghoul-Ghoul is not coming alone, but with Hide, Amon, and Akira. </p>
<p> Of course Marude is getting confused, what is meant by Hide to bring the Ghouls. Apparently, Goat also has the same goal, and Hide, Amon, and Akira plans to mediate between these two camps. That is the reason why Hide went to the headquarters of Goat in <em> chapter </em> earlier. </p>
<p> Seeing the enemy is in front of the face, of course the CCG would not be that easy to accept the presence of Ghoul, even though their purpose is the same. Hide explains that man (CCG) has limits, whereas Ghoul can move faster, and is certainly very profitable for this mission. </p>
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