Make Baper! 6 Former Singles Who Have Been Divorced in Anime World

For some reason, these ex-lovers should split up. Some of them still have feelings for each other. Who are they?

Romanticism in an anime is not just about a pair of love-stricken humans. There are also even tell the twists and turns of life couples who have status break up or divorce.

What makes these model pairs extraordinary is how they interact with each other after the breakup of that romantic relationship. Some of them even some who still love and care for the former though not as a lover as before.

Want to know who are the ex-lovers in the anime world through such a relationship? Follow the discussion!


Doraemon x Noramyako


Before dating Mi-chan, Doraemon had once had a close relationship with her lover named Noramyako, a pink cat robot. Known, that Noramyako himself works as a ballet dancer. His own appearance has two versions, a chubby version like Doraemon and a slender version that was released in 1995.

Both of them are reconciled in fire incident and special robot class reception. It did not take long for Doraemon and Noramyako to immediately establish love. Apparently, their romance ended just like that after Doraemon lost his rat-bitten ears.

Doraemon's suffering grew when Noramyako actually laughed at him. But after being told by Doramimengenai condition of his brother, Noramyako feel guilty and immediately apologize to his lover. Fortunately, Doraemon himself is still willing to forgive him.

Towards Doraemon's departure to the past, he and Noramyako also choose to separate and pursue their own way of life. Noramyako became a professional ballet dancer. Meanwhile, Doraemon becomes Nobita's helper and finds his new love, Mi-chan.


Itami x Risa


Former couples this one is spelled out very unique.If other couples get divorced because of a negative cause, both are divorced because they consider life as an ordinary friend much better than as a husband and wife. It is not surprising since Itami and Risa share a background as otaku.

Despite his divorce, Itami has not the slightest intention to abandon his ex-wife. He even diligently sent a divorce allowance to keep Risa alive properly. In fact Itami also insured all his income for Risa if anything bad happened to him.

Risa also once helped her ex-husband on her way to lead Pina and the fantasy world immigrants to an international gathering. Not only that, despite the status of ex-wife, Risa even quite familiar with the "harem" Itami property. He even managed to get regular customers of his work, Pina and Bozes from his connection with his ex-husband.

Once separated by the vast spaces, these two former lovers have proven that there is no reason to ignore the former in need of help. Want to know who? Click next page!

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