Mabok Darling in the Franxx? Do not Forget This Popular Mecha Anime!

In this season, the anime world mecha or robotics is enlivened with the sensational mecha which is sufficiently filled with the conflict of pros and cons of the connoisseur, Darling in the Franxx . How can it not be crowded? Case fan service where it should not be, a robot cockpit for two people with positions not worth mentioning, being point of interest from this anime if you are watching it is more concerned fan service it only.

Though it can be said to be quite an interesting series (one of the cases is also the result of the content of the triangle love story story Nisekoi ), but you are new to anime genre mecha , if you try to get acquaintance with the anime series mecha others who are older with fewer fan service and are serious enough to sell conflict in the story. The following authors will summarize a number of genre anime mecha which is quite popular in its time (look out for spoilers).

 anime mecha "width =" 700 "height =" 394 "/> Starting from the not so distant future in the summer of 2017, the anime <em> Knight and Magic </em> anime trends <em> isekai </em> or any other world with robot-robotan content aka <em> mecha </em> .Scribing a youth fanatical robot-robot who died from a traffic accident and his soul carried to another world into a boy named Ernesti Echevarria When Eru, Ernesti's familiar nickname, first saw <em> Silhouette Knight </em>the title of a great robot in the world, Eru became a dream to become <em> Knight Runner </em>the designation for pilots of <em> Silhouette Knight </em>. </p>
<p style= Throughout this anime run, the most dominant thing of the anime is about the production and development process Silhouette Knight as well as the development of new innovations to the world of robots in the world. The most interesting is Eru, in addition to dreaming of becoming a Knight Runner he came to dream of creating his Silhouette Knight by studying the core power of Silhouette Knight Ether Reactor .

For those who are quite happy with the ordinary robot wars, Aldnoah Zero could be one of mecha anime references that are good enough to watch. The reason, in addition to the conflict will be a war between the Earth with the Martians, the anime of summer 2014 also presents a conflict of betrayal, love triangle, and political issues that became the selling point of this anime.

Unfortunately, this anime just ended up quite unpleasantly. From what initially really focused on war for each of these camps, it became the war of two men of each stronghold to gain the heart of a heroine who was the victim of any kind of treachery that existed. But in the end, the heroine even married a man who had no speck of evidence for his cause. Kan is sick.

If the above comes from the new series, what about the series that started from the previous decades?


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