Luffy's Strength and Ending Fight … Series!?

One Piece this week is going to make us die of curiosity. Because the result of a fight between Luffy vs Katakuri will be delayed because One Piece 896 is not released next week!

Snakeman's image, the latest form of Luffy's Gear 4, recently circulated online in cyberspace. His own form is not so different from Luffy's Bounceman who was first used against Doflamingo in Dressrosa arc . Well, in addition to this Snakeman picture, some information about the power Luffy began to circulate in cyberspace. Not to forget, there is news mentioning that One Piece 896 does not release next week!


According to the news circulating, the power possessed by Luffy's latest form has a stance called for the types of snakes that exist. Some of his jutsu names contain the names "Python", "Black Mamba", and "King Cobra". In addition, when launching an attack, Luffy's hand would be elongated with angles that are difficult to avoid even by the Katakuri.

Though capable of attacking the Katakuri, but both Luffy and Katakuri are still attacking each other. Both looked exhausted. Then both of them launched their last assault. Katakuri with "Zangiri Mochi" and Luffy with his "King Cobra". There was a huge explosion. But it is not shown who the winner is.

Chapter 895 alone is only here. We do not know who won in the fight between Luffy vs. Katakuri. The answer will be shown in One Piece 896 . The bad news is, One Piece 896 will not release next week. So we have to wait two weeks to wait for the answer.

Who do you think will win between Luffy vs Katakuri? Is it Luffy or Katakuri? Or even the battle of both will end in balance? Do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comment field yes!

Source: Twitter | Reddit

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