Luffy's Page Village! Consider The Dawn Island Facts Here!


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<h4 style= Dawn Island is one of the most important islands in the world One Piece as well as Luffy's hometown! Check out the facts below!

There is no end if there is no beginning. Each character has its own initially before they become great, including Luffy. When discussing about the beginning of Luffy's character, of course Luffy's hometown we can not miss it.

Luffy's hometown is the village of Foosha, located on the island of Dawn. Apparently, the city and the island has its own facts, you know! What are some facts? Check out the fact of Luffy's hometown, Dawn Island below!


Great People Residence

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<p style= If we discuss the island of Dawn, then this small island has a surprising fact for the characters in the world One Piece that is, many great characters who came from this island.

Seen in more detail, this island even the East Blue ocean region as a whole is considered to have no great potential to bear great fighters and pirates, but fates say otherwise.


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Let's zoom out, just on the island of Dawn alone, more or less there are four great characters coming from this island. It starts from the very mysterious Monkey D. Dragon and stands at the forefront as the leader of the revolutionary forces to overthrow the world government.

Next, there is Sabo who also joins the revolutionary army, and has now eaten Ace's Devil Fruit, and his power is unquestionable. The next two characters, of course, are the "brothers" of Sabo, the Ace of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy who became the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. No need to explain the greatness of the two characters before, is enough to make the government uproar.

Looking at this point, it is clear that the island is indeed unique. Although this is only a small island in East Blue, it contains a population that is full of morale as well as great potential self potential.

This proves that we should not underestimate people from certain locations or regions, because no one knows what the power (or the Devil Fruit he will eat) will be.

Just one fact, there are still some other facts on the next page about Luffy's hometown! Let's check out the next page!

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