"Luffy's Greatest Enemy Will Be Debuted Next Year!" Who is He?


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<h4> In Jump Festa 2018 Eiichiro Oda if Luffy's greatest enemy and Straw Hats group will debut next year! Who is it? </h4>
<p> Jump Festa 2018 continues to announce exciting things. Previously we've heard that <em> live action One Piece </em> American version will adapt the story of East Blue, and Masashi Kishimoto will release a new manga. </p>
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Well, Eiichiro Oda himself also has a special message. The form of the message you can check below.

The core of this message is:

-The next year Wano's flow should have started. Eiichiro Oda had also said the same thing last year, but his estimates missed.

-That is very interesting: Oda plans to introduce the legend to the reader. This figure will be the greatest enemy of Luffy and the Straw Hats.

-The figure of this legend may be related to Whitebeard.

-The forthcoming war can make Marineford look "cute." This message has also been previously submitted by Oda's editor, so this upcoming conflict must be very grand. Until Oda just said that.

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<p> What will make OPLovers wonder is: who is Luffy's greatest enemy and the Straw Hat group that Oda means? He certainly did not say it in his message. </p>
<p> The author really feel there are two figures that meet the criteria. One of them is Kaido. Legend? It's obvious he's a legend. Connect with Whitebeard? Kaido seems to be about to start a war because Whitebeard died before him. It seems that Kaido thinks only Whitebeard can keep up. </p>
<p> In addition to Kaido, there is also this figure. </p>
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Or, because Oda want to introduce, then this figure will be totally new? If so, that would be very interesting. So far Luffy already has at least two dangerous enemies. The only Kaido, who is said to be the strongest creature. The other is Blackbeard, who can use darkness and earthquakes at once.

If indeed a new character, and very strong, the writer feels that Ryokugyu's yet-to-be-seen Admiral can also be taken into account.

How about in your opinion as a reader? Convey in the comment field!

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