Luffy Will Be Better After Whole Cake Island? Big News Morgans and Stussy Cause!

Of course Luffy is now famous. He is a man of 500 million Belly. But it was revealed that the numbers had not been anything in New World.

Charlotte Linlin has earned the value of the game when he was a child. In addition, Yonko's main bouncers also had bounty above 600 million Belly. The toughest bouncers, like Katakuri and Jack, even reached one billion.

Well, but there are signs Luffy will become more famous after Whole Cake Island.

OPLovers who follow the development of his manga probably know that Luffy's lunge is followed by Big News Morgans and Stussy. The two parts of the Black World Tyrant have a role that can not be underestimated in the dissemination of information, especially Morgans. He is the boss of the World Economic Journal, one of the world's largest newspapers One Piece .

Well, instinct journalist Morgans has been intrigued to see Luffy's lunge this. He's even getting ready to write big news if Luffy gets away from the Charlotte family's attempts to catch him.


Charlotte Mont-d'Or may boast of decapitating and displaying the head of Luffy and his friends. But you seem to know that it will not happen. Maybe Luffy will struggle to get away from Whole Cake Island, but with the help of Germa or other factors, certainly the scenario that Morgans expects will come true.

News will be written directly by the boss of the World Economic Journal is one reason Luffy will be more famous. In fact maybe he will really get the addition bounty again. How come? Luffy had dropped two Sweet Commander, messed up Big Mom's wedding, faced most of Yonko's fleet, then escaped alive! Already so, he did that with only half his crew. No Zoro, Usopp, Franky, Robin, and Law's group helped him.

Then do not forget Stussy.

As agent of CP-0, Stussy will preach all the events at Whole Cake Island to the World Government. This time Luffy must have been calculated as a dangerous enemy, because of his blood relationship with Dragon and the incident like overthrow Doflamingo. If the World Government finds out that Luffy is able to confront Yonko with half his crew and escaped alive, while two Big Mom's commanders are cowardly and many of his children are battered, the World Government can consider Luffy as a threat to be dealt with as soon as possible.

That is the reason why Luffy will become famous after the Whole Cake Island groove. What do you think? Convey in the comment field!

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