Luffy vs Katakuri is One of Luffy's Best Battles! This is the proof!

After going through a long duel, Luffy vs Katakuri's fight has been completed in the manga One Piece chapter 896. For you who have read, you must already know who came out as the winner in this fight? He is the captain of the Straw Hat, Monkey D. Luffy.

Do you realize, in fact, Luffy vs Katakuri's fight is one of Luffy's best battles to date, you know! Why? Actually there are several reasons, and will be discussed in this article. So exciting, even in the opening song of anime One Piece footage of Luffy vs Katakuri's battle has been shown.

What do you think makes Luffy's fight so cool and best? Write in the comment field, yes. All right, let's get started, here's proof that Luffy vs Katakuri's fight is one of the best!


From the Lost Then Win

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<p> Okay, this is not the first time Luffy lost before winning, but Luffy's bout that has this element, usually fall into Luffy's best battle category, including Luffy vs Katakuri who just finished it. </p>
<p> Before defeating the Katakuri (or at least in balance), Luffy several times receives an attack which is certainly not light. In fact, before Luffy is able to read a future like Katakuri, Luffy becomes a fickle for boxing Katakuri. </p>
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Growing up in Fight

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<p> The character of the main character in the Shonen Jump, taking the example of Naruto, Goku, including Luffy himself must have evolved, from the usual to the more powerful. Of course this is related to the concept of Shonen Jump. Usually they thrive in practice, but not a few are developed in the battle as in the case of Luffy vs. Katakuri. </p>
<p> Here, Luffy displays his creativity in the fight, as he did against Crocodille. When he wants to make Gear 4, Katakuri entrap him in a big mochi, and leaves Luffy stuck to eat the sweet one. </p>
<p> Luffy can get out of this mochi trap in a unique way, that is eating the mochi. From here, you could say is Luffy's moment against the back. In fact, Luffy may already be able to read the future just as Katakuri, by sharpening his Kenbushoku Haki. </p>
<h4> What are the proofs of Luffy vs. Katakuri fighting? Check out the next page! </h4>
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