Luffy Ready Megacau at Big Mom Headquarters!


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<h4 style= After being helped and freed by Jinbei, Luffy is finally ready to go out, rescue Sanji, and screw up at Big Mom's headquarters! Listen preview anime One Piece episode 820 the following!

Anime One Piece episode 819 is aired. In this episode, it is shown again about Sanji's past, especially the reason why he was born different from his other brothers.

On the other hand, precisely the location where Luffy and Nami were imprisoned, finally came aid, namely Jinbei which directly attacked the Charlotte Opera. Of course Luffy and Nami can finally get out, thanks to the help of Jinbei who burnt the prison book owned by Mont d'Or.

What will happen in the upcoming 820 episodes? We'll be back to see a fight between Big Mom against Brook that is not finished yet. In the next episode, the battle of both will enter the final, and of course you have guessed, Brook will lose.

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<p style= Brook is captured by Big Mom, and will be a unique creature of his collection. It's also possible that Big Mom's scene with Pudding is happening here. As Pudding approached, Big Mom asked if the pudding's third eye had risen? The power of Third Eye Pudding?

The three-edged tribe has the ability to listen to anything, including humans, animals, even inanimate objects. With this ability also, the three-edged tribe can understand the meaning of Poneglyph writing. Unfortunately it takes time to awaken this power.

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<p style= How to fight elsewhere? Pedro and Tamago's battle also began to approach the end. Tamago uses his Tama Tama no Mi's power. With this power, every user is injured (which in normal human condition can cause death), the user of this fruit will regenerate more strongly.


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If the body of Tamago is destroyed, then he will remove the egg from his body, and from this egg's eye Tamago will regenerate into a new, stronger form. The second form to be shown in episode 820 is the Viscount Hiyoko that resembles a chick. However Pedro could destroy this second form quickly.

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<p style= What about Luffy? Luffy in episode 819 has been rescued by Jinbei, and he is exhausted; however, he does not stop trying to save Sanji. He ran and left Nami at Jinbei.

Throughout the search, Luffy must have encountered many of Big Mom's troops, and kept pounding him while running and searching. Likely at the end of episode 820, Luffy had already met Reiju, and Reiju said that Sanji had just left, and Sanji already knew the real Pudding.

That's preview anime One Piece episode 820. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.


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