Luffy Preparing New Technique! Snakeman!

As usual, the discussion One Piece 894 contains spoiler . So be careful if you're actually still looking for her own chapter and anti-leak. You entered the wrong article.

But if you are already reading and want to remember certain details that you forget, or it does not matter with spoiler please continue reading the review below!


1. Leo Will Go to Reverie? !!

In the cover story One Piece 894, Oda presents twist in the story of Leo. The first trip of this pirate group was to escort King Riku Dold III to Reverie!

This is surely surprising, since Reverie is already expected to be crowded. You see, in addition to the gathering of politicians from all over the world, it seems that there are signs of Dragon and the Revolutionary Army will try to invade the society.

Oda has even said that the big groove after Whole Cake Island is Reverie Council and Wano. Leo could be the reason for Luffy to go to Reverie when something unexpected happens

2. Flashback Luffy's Exercise with Rayleigh

Flashback rehearsals Luffy's re-show himself … beaten by Rayleigh.


To train his Kenbunshoku Haki, Rayleigh tells Luffy to avoid 100 attacks, otherwise he does not eat. Luffy failed to anticipate all the attacks.

One of the interesting things to reckon with from this flashback is that Luffy is always concerned about his enemy's personality. Even when asked what Luffy would do when meeting a person like that, Luffy replied that it depends on the nature of his enemy. Rayleigh just did not take that into account.

This could be a clue about Kenbunshoku Haki Luffy's upgrading later. Should Luffy understand the characteristics of his enemy, then can he guess their movements? He became like a psychologist then.

But … for now he has not achieved such a calculated change, even though his fighting ability seems to be increasing.

Summon Gate

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Supported by cool anime style, built MMORPG gameplay, and SNK official character bonuses like Mai Shiranui, Summon Gate is an exciting MMORPG game to try!

Luffy can more smoothly avoid the Katakuri attack? Not only that, he also so can beat Katakuri gentlemen. You can see the continuation of the discussion One Piece 892 is on the second page!

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