Luffy decides to run away from Katakuri?!


Previously, the author presents the argument of how important Luffy defeated the Katakuri alone. Yet One Piece 885 actually shows Luffy fleeing!

First of all, One Piece This 885 clearly contains the spoiler . Especially for those of you who are more loyal following the anime version, whose story is lagging far behind. If you're an anti-leak type, you're actually getting into the wrong article.

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But if you are already reading and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind spoiler consider the review below.



Armada Ideo Must Make a New Ship

Ideo and Blue Gilly are in trouble. The battle between the two ships in the fleet was so severe that it destroyed each vehicle. The solution?

One Piece 885 shows that they were pulled over to the uninhabited island they passed, then they planned to make a new ship of junk.

We'll see how the emergency ship is coming from. What is clear, the Ideo adventure on the cover seems to be coming to an end. (The author believes his story will end in the next chapter, after the emergency ship's form is shown).


Luffy Forced to Escape from Katakuri

Luffy had a chance to beat the Katakuri after his enemy was angry because his hobby was caught.

Then Katakuri becomes calm, and this fight again impossible to win. Katakuri's Busoshoku Haki, which is stronger than Luffy, was able to strike Luffy with a landslide.

Luffy also has one problem: his Gear 4 powers are running out of time. If he remained silent, the pragmatic Katakuri would surely finish him off immediately. So he had no choice but to run.

The thing is, he's in the Mirror World. How can he escape from there?

Kidolnya, Brulee was still hanging out in Mirror World. Luffy can also happen to find it. With the help of Brulee, Luffy also successfully left Katakuri.

The author actually hopes Luffy will solve his problem with Katakuri. But for now, it seems like he has no choice but to get away quickly. His strength has reached the limit.

What's interesting is the Brulee. Despite its will, the Brulee Mirror World so far has more often aided the Straw Hats than it has made them difficult.

It would be funny if Brulee would eventually join the Straw Hats simply because he had to.

But escaping from Katakuri Luffy instead faces a more severe enemy. Who? Check the advanced discussion One Piece 855 on the second page!


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