Luffy Becomes a Yonko If You Can Beat Kaido? This is the Discussion!


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<h4 style= It seems that before reaching Raftel the world would consider Luffy to be Yonko. The moment may be after defeating Kaido. This is the cause!

Loyal readers may still remember that in the year 2016 then the author had listed five reasons why Luffy deserves to be Yonko. This article may be regarded as a continuation of the discussion.

Come to think of it, Luffy being a Yonko this might happen after the Kaido groove. The reason? Just look below!


Kaido Probably Will Not Be Happy

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<p style= Kaido is super powerful. Big Mom until sure first Luffy will not be able to defeat this creature. From the way Big Mom mentions Kaido, the mighty gigantic lady also sounds respect to Kaido.

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Kaido himself has so far been famous as immortal. He can be defeated, but when tried to be executed he always survive. It is not even a matter of why after throwing himself from the Sky Island.

Indeed, the Straw Hats crew tends to be kind to the enemy. Luffy, for example, would rather destroy his opponent's dreams than kill them. Doflamingo and Crocodile are heinous he can not kill.

But the author believes that Kaido will be different. He will create a tremendous conflict, until the only way to stop him is to kill him. (Because if he gets caught he will escape again).

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Remember, Whitebeard's position in Yonko was filled by Blackbeard after the legendary pirate was killed. After Kaido's death, it could be that Luffy will be immediately regarded by the World Government as the new Yonko.


Luffy Will Show Himself to Have Troops

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<p style= Although Luffy beat Big Mom on Whole Cake Island, he will not be directly asked as Yonko.

The reason is simple: his achievements are unbelievable, but for now and the Straw Hats are still seen as a small group moving on their own. They did help each other with Germa and the Bege gang, but it was more because of the urgent situation, not the permanent alliance.

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<p style= Kaido is reckoned to be fighting aided by SMILE forces under his control as well as Wano's men who are loyal to him. This is not a small army.

Take into account Luffy will summon the Great Straw Hats to face the threat. Then the Mink tribe also seems to be coming, taking revenge for Jack's attacks on them.

Not only that, X Drake and Scratchman Apoo who now serve Kaido might also rebel and help the Straw Hats. (As did Bege on Whole Cake Island). Kidd may also overcome the shock of being beaten by Kaido and support for personal revenge.

There could even be samurai Kozuki family loyalists who will help Luffy. "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p style= When this happens, the World Government and the Navy will no longer see the Straw Hats as an independent crew. Luffy has proven that he too has troops.

Continuing the possibility of Luffy becoming Yonko after defeating this Kaido you can read on the second page!


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