Love Live Comes in the latest Tap Puzzle Game for Smartphones!


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<h4> Unlike before, the latest game <em> Love Live </em> for Smartphones has a Puzzle Game concept! </h4>
<p> Pokelabo, one of the mobile game developers who once made <em> SINoALICE </em> in Japan this time collaborated together with Sunrise to create a new game from <em> Love Live! School Idol Project </em>. </p>
<p> If previous smartphone games <em> Love Live! </em> entitled <em> School Idol Festival </em> has <em> genre </em> Rhytm, or a game that requires you to tap your smartphonemu screen to the rhythm of a song, then in this new game it's a bit different. </p>
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This latest game is titled Puchiguru Love Live! and has the genre Puzzle Game. Probably slightly similar to School Idol Festival because there must be a song that will accompany your Puzzle game.

Plush Doll is the main theme of the game. The shape of his Puzzle was taken from a Nesoberi Plush Doll or a doll Love Live ! which has often been sold and made a prize in the game Ufo Catcher in the Japanese Arcade.

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<p> In this game, the 18 main characters will be present, namely 9 members of μ's (Muse) in the [LiveLoveLive!<em> series. School Idol Project, </em> and 9 member Aqours from <em> Love Live! Sunshine! </em>. Of course everything is in the form of Nesoberi Plush Doll. </p>
<p> Starting today, or September 25, 2017, registration Pre-Registration has been opened. If you have done Pre-Registration and are lucky, then there will be some prizes given. </p>
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【ニ ュ ー ス 更新】 新 作 ス マ ー ト フ ォ ン ア プ リ 「ぷ ち ぐ る ラ ブ ラ イ ブ!」 の 事前 登録 実 施 中! FAN MEETING の チ ケ ッ ト 等 が 抽選 で あ た る 事前 登録 キ ャ ン ペ ー ン 実 施 中 で す ♪ 詳細 は こ ち ら → https: // / 15tT8xArpr #lovelive # ぷ ち ぐ る ラ ブ ラ イ ブ

– 【公式】 ぷ ち ぐ る ラ ブ ラ イ ブ! 運 営 (@lovelive_PG) September 25, 2017

The first prize is a ticket for "Love Live! Sunshine !! Aqours Club Activity Live & Fan Meeting ~ Landing action yeah! "At Makuhai Messe Chiba Hall event for three lucky people. The event will be held on March 11, 2018.

The second prize is a Blu-ray box from the anime Love Live! Sunshine! the first season was signed by all Aqours members. This is the Grand Prize and only one lucky person will get it.

You can do Pre-Registration on its official website here which is of course Japanese language. Pre-Registration Selection is only valid until the game release.

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<p> To promote this game, they advertise it uniquely, featuring a <em> banner </em> at the Shinjuku-themed Marunouchi Line game station <em> Puchiguru Love Live </em> <em>! </em> complete with Nesoberi Plush Big dollar. </p>
<p> The trailer of this game by its website will be released in November. We look forward to the release of Puzzle Game <em> Puchiguru Love Live! </em> hopefully in the near future. </p>
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