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<h4> Manga / anime is famous for the theme of jazz music has been officially created version <em> live action </em> it. Check out the footage in <em> Sakamichi no Apollon live action trailer </em> following. </h4>
<p> <em> The live-action live trailer Sakamichi no Apollon </em> (<em> Kids on the slope </em>) was released to the public on Thursday (19/10) yesterday via its official website. Aside from the official website, <em> trailer </em> It also released Youtube channel distributor Asmik Ace movie. </p>
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Film live-action This is lifted from a manga titled the same by Yuki Kodama. Manga Sakamichi no Apollon debuted from November 2007 until the end of July 2012. A few months before the manga ended, the animated version began airing in April 2012.

Trailer live-action Sakamichi no Apollon this piano cut piece arrangement with a sense of jazz song Someday My Prince Will Come from the animated film Snow White . ]

Sakamichi no Apollon takes the background of the 1960s. Kaoru Nishimi, an accomplished and talented student playing classical music with a piano, has just moved from Yokosuka town to a smaller town, Sasebo. He later became acquainted with Sentarou Kawabuchi, a well-built student who was adept at playing drums.

Together Ritsuko Mukae, gebetan Nishimi who turns good at singing and Junichi Katsuragi, a troubled student but very master of trumpet, they play jazz music while solving the problem of romance that arises between them.

Previously, this manga has been officially announced to be promoted to live action in April. From live-action live-action Sakamichi no Apollon group member band Hey! Say! JUMP, Yuri Chinen will portray the character of Kaoru Nishimi. Meanwhile, actor Dean Fujioka (19459004) Full Metal Alchemist ) will play Junichi Katsuragi (bottom center in the photo) and Taishi Nakagawa ( ReLIFE ) (top left) playing Sentarou Kawabuchi.

Actress and model Nana Komatsu (top right) plays Ritsuko Mukae and Erina Mano (bottom left) will portray Yurika Fukahori. Ritsuko Mukae's father, Tsutomu who plays bass will be played by Baijaku Nakamura (bottom right).

In preparation for the film, Chinen has been practicing piano since September last year, while Fujioka has been taking trumpet tutoring since last August. Nakagawa to buy a set of drums. He and Komatsu had already practiced the Sasebo dialect.

Film live action Sakamichi no Apollon is directed by Takahiro Miki and will air in Japanese cinema starting March 10, 2018.

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