Live-Action Mega Man Has Entered Production Stage. How is the story going?


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<h4> Mega Man is again present to greet the fans. This time not in the form of a game, but a movie of the big screen! Film <em> live-action Mega Man </em> is also rumored to have started the production process. </h4>
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The news live-action Mega Man has been in effect since last July. But the certainty about the film project is finally answered recently. Because the film progress Mega Man live-action started running after getting a scriptwriter as well as director.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter, the names of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are appointed to fill the position of scriptwriter and director. Both are quite well known through the documentary film Catfish which was released in 2010.

Meanwhile, Chernin Entertainment's production house was chosen by defeating 20th Century Fox. For the position of the producer, it will be taken over by Masi Oka, the actor who portrayed the Heroes serial

Masi Oka who is also the producer of the Netflix series Death Note says if the production process Mega Man live-action is about to begin even though it is still in development stage.

Just like the other live-action movie affair, Oka also says if he gets a challenge to implement what's in the game or manga into live-action widescreen Mega Man . One of them is the challenge to present Mega Man's iconic mechanical armor. But Oka remains optimistic if it can be done with as much as possible.

The optimistic tone that is reflected from Masi Oka is inseparable from the crew who turns out to be a huge fan of the game Mega Man . Call it like Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman who both have an interest in tehadap Mega Man .

Mega Man was first present in 1987, and the story of live-action Mega Man seems to be following the flow of from the first series released for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

The story begins when Dr. Thomas Light makes android Rock (Rockman) to be used as a laboratory assistant. But the situation even heats up when Dr. Willy programmed the robots he created. Thomas Light for malicious purposes. Finally, Dr. Light breaks Rock against a collection of evil robots and stops Dr. Willy.

Hopefully live-action Mega Man this does not repeat the failure of some live-action movies made by Hollywood yes.


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