Little Glee Monster Will Sing The New Boruto Theme Song


Little Glee Monster and Melofloat will replace Kana Boon and Scenario Art in filling the theme song Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is certainly an anime that is awaited by fans Naruto who is still curious as to how the child's footsteps in following his father's footsteps becomes Best Hokage . Naruto's son's struggle earned a positive response from Naruto's fans and became one of the themes of the article quite often discussed in .

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<p> Like a cycle in the opening and closing songs inside an anime <em> that normally lasts up to 26 episodes, the <em> anime </em> adaptation of <em> Boruto </em> will also replace the opening song and its cover with a new one. </p>
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The announcement of the theme song Boruto appears in the 41st edition of Weekly Shonen Jump owned by Shueisha publishers. The Little Glee Monster vocal group will fill a new opening song for Boruto's series.

Little Glee Monster is a vocal group formed from talent searches conducted by Watanabe Entertainment and Sony Music Records. They consist of Serina, Asahi, Manaka, Maju, Mayu, and Karen. Little Glee Monster has released two albums and nine singles ; they have also performed the theme song for Pokemon XY entitled "Gaogao All-Star" and for the second season Boku no Hero Academia entitled "Dakara, Hitori Janai".

Little Glee Monster will replace the song "Baton Road" from quartet alternative rock Kana-Boon previously popular by fans of Naruto thanks to the song "Silhouettes" and "Diver".

Meanwhile the trio hip hop Melofloat newcomer consisting of DJ Kazuma, Yu-Ki, and Kent will sing a new cover song. Melofloat itself has released their first album under Sony Music Records titled On The Road on September 6, 2017 yesterday. Melofloat will replace the cover song of the trio art rock Scenario-Art titled "Sayonara Moon Town".

Scenario-Art also previously replaced the cover song of the 19459005 newcomer pop newcomer The Peggies with "Dreamy Journey".

This new opening and closing song from Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will start playing in October 2017 along with episode 27 of the series.

Listen to the opening and closing songs Boruto until now below.

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