Listen Sakumo Hatake's Fact, Kakashi's Great Father But Ends Tragically


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<h4> His father Kakashi, Sakumo Hatake is a great ninja of the Naruto <em> series </em>. Unfortunately, her life ended tragically. Check out the facts Sakumo Hatake following! </h4>
<p> As a child, Kakashi also has a father, Sakumo Hatake. Not only great, Sakumo Hatake also has a face similar to his son, Kakashi Hatake. </p>
<p> Although rarely highlighted, it does not mean he has no interesting facts, and the following is the fact of Sakumo Hatake, the father of Kakashi Hatake. </p>
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White Taring from Konoha

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<p> In the Naruto <em> series </em>the great Ninja-ninja have their own majors, relating to their greatness as well as their abilities. Examples are Kakashi the Ninja Peniru, Minato the Yellow Light from Konoha, and so on. </p>
<p> Sakumo Hatake also has a nickname, the White Taring of Konoha or Konoha no Shiroi Kiba. Of course, the nickname was not given at random, nor did Sakumo Hatake. </p>
<p> In addition to his white hair color and being characteristic, the nickname of the White Taring from Konoha which he got is also based on his own stance, Hakko Chakra Tou or White Chakra Sword. </p>
<p> Actually, this is an ordinary sword stroke, but a bit unique. Sakumo Hatake has a sword that is not too long, but also not short. With this sword, he will slash his opponents, and while slashing, there appears a light or white flashes in his sword, like Light Saber in serial <em> Star Wars </em>. Hence he was nicknamed the White Taring of Konoha. </p>
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Famous Ninja

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<p> In his time, Sakumo Hatake was one of the famous Ninja, even equivalent to the fame of three Sannin legends. Certainly this fame he got for his prowess in completing the mission. </p>
<p> So famous, even Daimyo or the leader of the Land of Fire just to be happy when Kakashi promoted to Hokage. The reason is because Kakashi is like his father, Sakumo is known by Daimyo. </p>
<p> The third Tsuchikage also does not doubt Kakashi's prowess anymore because he is the son of the White Taring of Konoha, when the Kage chose the Konoha representatives for the Ninja alliance. </p>
<h4> How is the fate of his wife Sakumo Hatake or his mother Kakashi? Check the next page. </h4>
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