List of the Most Beautiful Dragon Girls in the Anime World (Part 2)


 dragon girl "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> </span> Still remember article <em> </em> which discusses the dragon girls who successfully steal the hearts of the otaku men or some of you are waiting for Kanna's lollus? Just calm down, this time the author will discuss the six most beautiful dragon girls of the second part! </h4>
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Previous once discussed the profile of the most beautiful dragon girls in the anime world. Among these are Oceanus born of Dragon Ball's negative energy, Wendy who has the power of the healing dragon, the invincible Ophis, and Tohru, the dragon turning profession into a maid.

For you who can not wait, happy. This time in the second part, the author will discuss more and more of the most beautiful dragon girls in the anime world. Continue to look at the discussion, well!


Kanna Kamui (Protected)

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<p> Who does not know this cute loli this one ?! This little girl used to be a dragon who was expelled to the human world because of ignorance that was not tolerated by his parents. He also lived alone in the city until he finally met with Tohru and Kobayashi. </p>
<p> Its calm and innocent nature of success makes everyone who sees it will fall in love at first sight. Nevertheless, Kanna herself has talked about adult topics like romance, NTR and other nasty things. Like Tohru, he has a dependence on Kobayashi and has considered him like his own mother. </p>
<p> However there is little warning for pedophiles! Despite being a cute little kid, Kanna is still a dragon. The physical strength of the loli is on the same level as Tohru and the other dragons. In addition, Kanna has an electrical element as his weapon of weapons if anyone dares to assassinate him. </p>
<p> Since the author did not want to be taken away by the police, Kanna was forced to be in a distressed order and received a bonus (<em> Protected </em>). </p>
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These cake enthusiasts and sweets were once a dragon representing the Harmony faction and often fought against the dragons of Chaos factions like Tohru and his parents. He came to the human world with the aim of defeating and dragging Tohru back to his native world.

Unfortunately, he even ran out of magic just to open the portal. Finding that now Tohru has changed and lived peacefully in the human world, Elma also joined in trying modern lifestyle and got the name of human Elma Joui. In addition, he also worked in the office with Kobayashi in administration.

Although Elma's power is equivalent to Tohru, yet he can not open a magic portal as easily as a dragon maid. He himself said that although they are equal, both are born with "different" potentials. After so long living in the modern world, slowly the two began to close as friends.



This taciturn girl is one of the waiters at a western cuisine restaurant "Nekoya". He worked there on the recommendation of his friend named Red Queen in order to continue to enjoy the rice curry made by Master. In addition, Kuro is also mandated by the Red Queen to keep watch over and keep the Master and Aletta who in fact are weak creatures.

Despite appearances such as a beautiful black-haired elf, Kuro was originally one of the six Great Dragons, the strongest creature in another world that ever contributed to saving the earth. Together with Aka and four other dragons, he fights furiously against the mysterious alien, the Order of Many Tentacles who intend to take over the world in which they live.

Unfortunately, Kuro can not live with others because the miasma scattered from his body will kill the creature that is weaker than him. Therefore, he decided to stay on the moon and continue to be alone for hundreds of thousands of years. Fortunately, he can end his sense of loneliness after meeting with Master and Aletta.

The top three ranks are occupied by dragon girls with very seductive bodies. Who are they? Click next page!


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