List of 7 Strong Enemies Bouya Harumichi Crows (According to Bouya Himself)

As a beacon, Bouya Harumichi once fought off many tough enemies. From the moment he first moved to Suzuran until he dropped out he was known as one of the strongest men in the city of Toarushi. (In fact, he's probably the strongest person in Toarushi after Rindaman graduated).

In chapter 94 of the manga Crows, Bouya conveys who is his strongest enemy. Let's look at the strongest enemies of Bouya Harumichi based on his own opinion of this character.

Hiromi, Pon, Mako. The three fighter is known as the Ebizuka Trio, and is the strongest party that offsets Bando Hideto when Bouya Harumichi moves to Suzuran.

Of the three men, Hiromi is the most charismatic. But Bouya can beat him without any problems. Pon is tough, but sometimes it is not involved in serious fighting.

Undoubtedly, Mako was indeed the most powerful member of the Ebizuka Trio.

Even so, Bouya's fight against Mako is not actually running in balance. Bouya let himself be beaten by Mako because he was distracted protecting Yasu sister's photo.

All Mako blows fail to beat Bouya. On the contrary, once Bouya decides it is time to fight back, Mako beats him with lightning.

Bouya still refers to Mako as one of the strongest enemies that he ever faced when asked.

Kiiko and Tetsuji are called equally by Bouya, so either he considers who is stronger.

Tetsuji is the second strongest fighter in the Snakehead gang, just under Jinnai Kouhei. In a climax battle between the P.A.D and Snakehead gangs, Tetsuji demonstrated this power by thrashing Ryuushin and Bitou Tatsuya quickly. (Ryuushin and Tatsuya already wounded first).

However when Tetsuji has to face Bouya in a duel, Bouya can outperform it easily. The fight only continues because Tetsuji continues to try to rise, sustained by the strength of determination.

Meanwhile, Kiiko (real name of Kishima Kochi) is a friend of Parko and Teru; a small gang that had caused trouble in Toarushi.

Basically, Kiiko is similar to Tetsuji. Bouya was too strong for him to face, but he kept rising on the back of a desire not to lose.

Sweetheart, Kiiko's body finally gave up because it was unable to accept Bouya's barrage.

If the achievement against Bouya, Kiiko can last longer and more to beat the Suzuran fighter than Tetsuji.

For a rating of seven to five, Bouya selects those who can survive long from his super punches. Bouya Harumichi's strongest enemy on the second page can give him more challenges!

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