List of 5 Cool Anime Can Be Watched on Netflix




The more here the more anime can be enjoyed on Netflix. Starting from Castlevania to Live Action Death Note features Netflix. But what Netflix Anime is a favorite and worth watching? Here is the review!

If you do not know what Netflix is, Netflix is ​​a live live streaming app from the United States that has a myriad of famous movies ranging from Hollywood movies, such as The Flash and do not until forgetfulness, anime. Yes, the Netflix anime is pretty well-known to the point that more and more anime is coming in. Let's see some cool anime:


Death Note

Why live action Death Note became the exclusively broadcasted movie on Netflix? Of course because this anime is quite famous. The Yagami Light Adventure that has the ability to kill through its Death Note makes this anime one of the most frequented and watched especially after its release live action from the anime.


Durarara !!

In America it is famous to have many aisles and often create troublemakers. So it is with the story of Durarara !! which coincided in Tokyo's Ikebukuro. Telling about the gang that was there mixed with the ability supernatural made this film was featured in Netflix.


Gurren Lagann

The next Netflix anime is Gurren Lagann . Many say that this anime is a classic anime that must be watched by anime fans. Similarly, the audience at Netflix. Tells of friendship and also mecha the most unique thing lies in the story of humans living underground to protect themselves from the danger of external threats.

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Kill la Kill

Indeed only Indonesians are fond of fan service ? Other people especially who like to watch anime are also happy. Thus Kill la Kill is an anime Netflix that gets attention. But do not just get stuck from fan service it's just you know. Anime that has a special power theme on the clothes of its users has an exciting and worthy story.


One-Punch Man

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<p> Then the last and the most legendary, <em> One Punch Man </em>. Anime is a lot of watched this is already no stranger yes if the Netflix entry. Tells of Saitama who is a hero who can eradicate his opponent with just one blow. </p>
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