Limit Breaker Vegeta ?! New Strength of Vegeta Appears!


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<h4> In <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 123, Vegeta finally broke through its boundaries and reached a new form! How Strong is this Vegeta Limit Breaker? </h4>
<p> As always, the discussion <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 123 contains <em> spoiler </em>. For those who are still looking for the episode and do not want to get a leak, you mistakenly entered the article. </p>
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But for those who are already watching and do not want to miss the interesting details, it does not mind the leak, you can listen to his review below!


Goku's Failed Tactic

Dragon Ball Super Preview 123 promises that Goku will run a plan in the face of Jiren, but he failed. The plan turned out to be a series of traps to trap Jiren.

The first trap Goku gives is to install Ki's mines around Jiren. Goku uses Instant Transmission to avoid Jiren attacks, as well as installing explosive energy. The hope seems to be that this series of mines could hurt Jiren.

Given how strong Jiren is, Goku's efforts do not work out.

Then, Goku starts using Krillin's mainstay technique: Destructo Disc. Jiren beat up all the energy disks. But he did not suspect that Goku secretly used his Destructo Disc to destroy Jiren's footing.

Goku manages to move with Instant Transmission before he too falls. (If he has fallen further, using Instant Transmission will be considered a violation). He also left Jiren, who plunged free. Will these tricks eventually overcome Jiren?


Jiren Hands Energy Ki

For the moment, only a few fighter are able to make Jiren serious. The proof in his fight against Vegeta yesterday he did not even deploy Ki.

Almost eliminated by Goku makes Ki red Jiren get up. This one creature is then able to use the splinter arena to back up.


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When Jiren fights Goku again, Ki Jiren's energy has not been extinguished. That's not a good thing for Goku, since Goku still has not reached Ultra Instinct.

How strong is Jiren who deploys Ki? On one occasion, the blow usually leaves behind a long ruin in the arena. One hit seemed to be so intimidating Goku that he came out of the Blue form.

So is this the end of this strongest Universe 7 fighters? It turns out not.

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