Like This Seiya Gold Saint and Its Friends! So Cool!

Previously, we discussed 12 Gold Saint in [Seiya series, and we have also reminisced with the 5 Bronze Saint who became the main characters in the series. Well, our discussion this time is still related to the 5 Bronze Saint, but when they have become Gold Saint.

Like any other manga character in the Shonen Jump, Seiya Gold Saint is the fate of the evolution of a main character to a greater degree after passing through various obstacles in the course of his story.

Seiya Gold Saint and his friends are thriving, and now they have become a great and almost invulnerable patron of Athens. What does Seiya Gold Saint and his friends like? Check out the following list!


Sagittarius Seiya

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<p> Seiya Gold Saint appeared in the anime series <em> Saint Seiya: Omega </em>. The series is in the 21st century, and Seiya is well developed. Seiya Gold Saint is known as a living legend who had long served in Athens and protected him from powerful enemies, therefore he got an increase and had a Gold Sagittarius armor. </p>
<p> Since he appeared in the series <em> Saint Seiya: Omega </em>his enemy was Mars the God of War, who planned to destroy the Earth and create a new planet. Mars has the power of the dark elements, and is inversely proportional to the Sagittarius Seiya Gold Saint which has a light element. </p>
<p> Although Seiya Gold Saint has a new look, many people in the series still call Seiya "Pegasus" or "Pegasus Emas". This refers to the Bronze Saint Pegasus Seiya who once appeared and became a Saint who is able to maximize his Cosmo energy with greatness. </p>
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Its power is able to manipulate light, and uses its Sagittarius arrow as a weapon. Uniquely, Seiya still uses his old typical techniques, namely Pegasus Ryusei-Ken or Boxing Meteor Pegasus which is owned by Saint Pegasus.

When Seiya Gold Saint appeared, he had grown up and was 38 years old, while when he became Pegasus Saint, was only 13 years old.

What about Saiya Gold Saint and other friends like Dragon Shiryu and Andromeda Shun who are already Gold Saint? Check out the next page!

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