Life Debt! These 10 Characters That Never Saved Luffy from Death!


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<h4> Luffy always involves himself in a life and death fight. If only her friend did not save herself she might have died long ago. Here are the characters that once saved Luffy. </h4>
<p> In the One Piece story, Luffy does not always win against his enemies. Sometimes he also needs help from others in order to win his battle. </p>
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Even Luffy had several times almost died against his enemy, if only his friend did not save him Luffy might have died since the first. Here are some characters that once saved Luffy from death!


Nico Robin

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<p> Nico Robin is one of the crew of the Straw Hat pirate ship. At first he was one of the main antagonist characters in Alabasta's groove, but because his life was saved by Luffy he also chose to be his crew. </p>
<p> Nico Robin once saved Luffy from death. At that time Luffy lost a fight against Crocodile and suffered a stab wound that penetrated to the back of his body. After Crocodile leaves, Robin comes and rescues Luffy by raising his body from the sand. </p>
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<p> At the time of Impel Down's flow, Luffy who at that time wanted to rescue Ace desperately entered the world's most rigorous prison known. Upon arriving at level 4, Luffy also has to deal with Magelan who is the head warden of the prison. </p>
<p> Magelan who has the ability of this demon poisonous fruit also managed to defeat Luffy and make him dying. </p>
<p> The dying Luffy was taken to level 5, then from there he was taken by Bon Clay to where Ivankov was. Ivankov who has the ability of the demon of Horu Horu no Mi this makes it able to control the hormones in human body. With his ability that he saved Luffy. </p>
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Bon Clay

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<p> Still in the groove of Impel Down, Luffy who at that time was defeated by Magellan thrown to level 5 and left to die poisoning there. Bon Clay or Mr.2 who was disguised as deputy chief warden, Hannyabal arrived at the cell where Luffy was, he took him away to find Ivankov was. </p>
<p> Bon Clay, who is pulling Luffy with a cart encounters a herd of ice wolves, he must also fight the wolf herd and protect Luffy. </p>
<p> In addition, Bon Clay also helps Luffy in his escape. He was willing to stay in prison to ensure the opening of the Gate of Justice. </p>
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<p class= Roronoa Zoro

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<p> The next character that ever saved Luffy was our favorite swordsman Roronoa Zoro. </p>
<p> At Thriller Bark, Kuma comes to see Moria. He visited Moria with the intention of telling Moriah about the new Shichibukai. After Moria lost in the hands of Luffy and his comrades, Kuma came against them. As a result all the people who were at that moment fainted due to shock attack except two people namely Zoro and Sanji. </p>
<p> Kuma is threatening to kill Luffy. Zoro was without a doubt a little willing to sacrifice in order to save Luffy. Kuma takes the wound that is on Luffy's body then gives it to Zoro. This action may still damage Zoro's body until now. </p>
<h4> Who else is the character that saves Luffy? Check on the second page! </h4>
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