Leonardo Kekkai Sensen Facts (Maybe) You Did not Know. Check Here!


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<h4> For those of you who follow the anime <em> Kekkai Sensen </em>you must have been looking forward to <em> season </em> both of which will air in October 2017. Let's check the fact of Leonardo <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> that (probably) you do not know! </h4>
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<p class= He Proffeses As a Photographer

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Leonardo who has a job as a photographer came to Hellsalem's Lot to help his sister, Michella Watch. It was then that Riga El Menuhyut gave him the ability All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods by taking Michella's vision instead.


He Berzodiak Taurus

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<p> Fact of Leonardo <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> the second is his birthday on the 14th of May, so he has a Taurus zodiac. As described in <em> Blood Blockade Batllefront Official Fan Book B5 </em>Leonardo turns 19 years old! </p>
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<p class= Leonardo's Appearance Always Relaxed

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The main character The Kekkai Sensen familiarly called Leo has a height of 161 cm and is always dressed casually in oversize clothes and sneakers . He also always wore dust-proof glasses to protect his eyes while riding a motorcycle.

During the anime, Leo's eyes are almost always closed except when he is using his 19459005 ability. When he uses that ability, his eyes are shaped like the neon blue robot eyes.


Leo Actually Coward

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<p> Leo is actually a coward. This can be seen when he was always afraid of the strange events that took place at Hellsalem's Lot. In addition, he also did not dare to fight when Michella's vision will be taken by Riga El Menuhyut. </p>
<p> Nevertheless, Leo never escaped when he faced a problem. He was smart and quick to adapt to his surroundings even though he did not have great fighting skills like his friends in the Libra organization. </p>
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<p class= The partner is Zapp Renfro

Since joining Libra's organization, Leo has often been a partner of Zapp Renfro in completing the tasks assigned to them. Although Zapp often acts arbitrarily against Leo, Zapp always protects Leo while they are in the battlefield.


He Has The Ability of All-Seeing Eyes of The Gods

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<p> The fact of Leonardo <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> the latter is about the ability of <em> All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods </em> which he possesses. </p>
<p> Having gained this ability, his vision becomes so much better that he can see things moving at high speed clearly that no human can see. </p>
<p> He also has the ability to heal his own eyes when his eyes are exposed <em> damage </em> from war. While, the most important of these abilities is that he can see the illusion of the world in the past. In addition, he can also feel the aura of the <em> Blood Breed </em> and manipulate the sight of those around him. </p>
<p> The moves held by Leo include: </p>
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