Leak! Leak! Some Upload Movies Fate / Kaleid to YouTube


Leaking! Leak! Someone uploaded the movie Fate / Kaleid Prisma Ilya Movie: Sekka no Chikai which was postponed in Indonesia to YouTube. Waduh duh duh

Still remember the case of film recording No Game, No Life Zero which made several titles of anime films such as Fate / kaleid Prisma Ilya Movie: Sekka no Chikai detained his impressions in Indonesia?

This time, someone uploaded a video on YouTube that contained the movie Fate / kaleid Prisma Ilya Movie whose broadcast was suspended in Indonesia in full and intact! The incident plows pirate and record this record is not the act of an Indonesian but an act of a person who does not know where it came from.

The video was uploaded by someone from China and it is not known what the origin of the account is. Unlike pirated Kimi no Na wa circulating at that time and possessing an eye-popping quality, this time the pirated quality of the film video Fate / kaleid Prisma Ilya is completely clear and can be viewed in 720p resolution.

One of the videos that is a duplication of the movie video of Fate / kaleid Liner Movie
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It is not known where the uploader got the source. It should have been DVD and Blu-Ray from the film was released on January 31, 2018 in Japan but it looks like he got this movie from a DVD sample or from a television that already broadcast this movie first.

No word from Kadokawa's side about the leaked incident Fate / kaleid Prisma Ilya Movie to YouTube.

As previously rumored film Fate / kaleid Prisma Ilya Movie: Sekka no Chikai was postponed in cinema as one of admin from Instagram account forumanime.id direct record film No Game, No Life Zero in theaters. Suddenly this makes the parties CGV and Odex as the cinema and distributor of this movie angry and issued a statement to postpone some of the anime movie title which is planned to be aired in Indonesia.

In addition to

Fate kaleid / Liner Prisma Ilya Movie: Sekka no Chikai films like Nanoha Reflections, Eureka Seven Hi Evolution, and the most awaited by fan series Fate titled Fate / Stay Night Heaven's Feel postponed its release. This was announced on ODEX's official Facebook page on October 31, 2017 yesterday.

Not only that, the film which is due to be released in 2018 is also delayed like Detective Conan 22nd, Crayon Shin Chan, Nanoha Detonation, and Fate / Stay Night Movie 2 & 3 this is expressed in the comment field of fanpage ODEX. There is no clarity when ODEX will re-open the distribution of anime films in Indonesia.

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