Latest Trailer of Pokemon Minna no Monogatari Movie Showing the Details of the Story!

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Movies Pokemon Minna no Monogatari show off his latest trailer revealing the outline of his story, the new pokemon-pokemon that will emerge, and the full line of players!

Can not wait with the movie Pocket Monster The Movie: Minna no Monogatari or abbreviated Pokemon Minna no Monogatari which will air this year? Blessed, because the latest trailer for this movie has just been uploaded by the official YouTube channel of anime franchise series, games, and merchandises that are so popular in the world!

Without much ado, let's look at the trailer below!

The film tells the story of meeting Satoshi and Pikachu with their new friends in a town where once a year, the legendary Pokemon Lugia will blow the blessing wind, commonly referred to as "Kaze Matsuri" by the city folk

Pokemon Minna no Monogatari This will play a direct sequel to the movie Pokemon: Kimi ni Kimetta! ( Pokemon: I Choose You! ), which automatically makes it part of the alternative continuity series of Pokemon movies which they will repeat the stories of earlier films with the change of story in here and there and the quality of animation that is equivalent to the best anime movies of the day, as you can see in this trailer.

In this trailer is also shown a new Pokemon that will get the spotlight in this film, namely Zeraora the mysterious.

In addition, this trailer also reveals 7 seiyuu (voice) who will be a guest star to enliven the film Pokemon Minna no Monogatari .

Mana Ashida plays a mysterious girl named Rarugo, while Rina Kawaei plays Risa, a new high school girl in the Pokemon field. Voiced by senior nan of the famous legendary Masako Nozawa thanks to her role as Son Goku in the Dragon Ball series will portray Hisui, a grandmother who hates Pokemon.


In addition, Koji Ogura and Gaku Hamada will play Kagachi and Torito. Voiced at once popular cosplayer Shoko Nakagawa will play Riku; the younger brother of Risa, while seiyuu senior Koichi Yamadera who has performed for 21 years in a row will play Oliver Rarugo's father as well as the mayor of Fuura city.

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