LAMAAAAA, Here's 6 Longest Story Stories in One Piece Manga!

If Eiichiro Oda wishes, One Piece may be finished by now. But this one favorite series has continued for more than two decades.

Over the past two decades, One Piece has much to present the storyline. There is a short, there is also an epic to take two years to complete.

What is the longest storyline in the manga One Piece ? Here's the list!

The chapter which computed the flow of Water Seven begins with the arrival of Luffy and his comrades to it, then ends after the Straw Hat-A Galley-La-Alliance of the Franky Family arrives at Enies Lobby.

Once calculated, the duration of this one story line is quite long, consuming 53 chapters. The chapters are filled from the verdict of the fate of the Going Merry, the conflict with the Franky family, the Luffy and Usopp conflicts, to the accusations of the Straw Hats over the Iceburg shootings.

When this chapter is finished, the fighters of the good side unite the vision to attack Enies Lobby.

This line begins from the arrival of Straw Hat Alliance – Galley-La – The Franky Family to Enies Lobby, and ends safely to them from Buster Call.

Uniquely, the actual flow of Water Seven and Enies Lobby if combined is the longest storyline in the manga One Piece with the number of chapters 109. Even the number one on this list did not go that far.

Not surprisingly, with the duration along that there is a lot of epic stuff going on in Enies Lobby. Starting from the fall of CP9, Buster Call, and ended with the burning of the Going Merry.

What's the longer story line in the manga One Piece ? Check the sequel to the second page!

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